We have achieved our 100th 5-Star Review!

As what the title says, we have achieved our 100th 5-star review today.

From the bottom of all our hearts, we thank everyone whom has engaged our service and decided to leave us a pleasant review as a form of recognition for the hard work that we have put into our work.

Imagine you’re gulping down a bottle of Coke and a hiccup strikes. It was the feeling that we had, when we decided to move our office into an industrial building to better serve the walk-in crowd in Jan 2020 and subsequently encountered the global epidemic, COVID-19.

We could have felt like the situation was not in our favour and complain about it. But one thing we keep close to our heart is the passion that we have for produce unique apparels for everyone. For that was the root of why we started, and we have never forgotten it since.

For the kindness that everyone has shown us during these tough times, we want to say a BIG THANK YOU to all of you guys. As a form of giving back, we are giving away a FREE Airpods Pro from Apple in our giveaway contest!

All the information required the participate are shown in the poster! Its just some simply following and tagging us on Instagram, isn’t too difficult right? ?

Why are some T-shirts more expensive than others? (Part 2)

We have received good viewership for the first article on this topic ” Why are some T-shirts more expensive than others (Part 1)

Today we are going to dive in deeper to talk about this. Our main objective of the write-up is to increase your knowledge and preferably make the best decision that suit your requirements – juggling a balance between cost-effectiveness and reliability.

Quality of Print

Photo Credits to Iconique

More visible in darker coloured T-shirts – A print will appear to be more vibrant if being Silkscreen Printed twice, instead of just one layer. As you can see from the photo, just one layer of white print is not sufficient for coverage of the T-shirt’s base colour. In design language, we call it opacity; Dark coloured T-shirts that has only a single layer of print would appear to have its print adjusted to 70%. This procedure of printing in 2 layers is often compromised. The reason is because a lot of apparel printing vendors in Singapore they do not have their own production space. They simply get someone else to do it and hand over the goods to you. 

Location of Manufacture. 

This is a rather straightforward point. Due to the scarcity of land space and difference in workforce labour, it will be certainly more affordable to have your T-shirts / apparels printed in China. But the shortcoming? — You have to accept the goods that is delivered to you even if it is poorly done, and theres no room for Returns / Compensation / Complain. Or maybe during your next flight to China you can carry the T-shirts back to the supplier with you.

Turnaround Time

One would often see this word appearing on different vendor’s website. “Turnaround Time” basically means how much time does the vendor require to complete your job after you have made the necessary payments. Vendors whom do not do the printing by themselves would usually take about 2weeks – 4 weeks, compared to local manufacturers; if they were to acquire your orders, they usually can complete within 3-5 days during a non-peak period. 


What is your risks appetite like? Would you attempt to save cost by importing your shirts without quality checks – or have your apparels handled by vendors who do not have their own production ground where they simply act as a middleman and cant provide any defects handling?

In Iconique, we have our production site located at 85 Genting Lane, #03-01B, Singapore 349569. In this space, we carry out all our production related works and we welcome any of our readers whom is interested to find out more about apparels printing to visit us!

Silkscreen Printing Mustard and White on Navy

Raffles Girls Secondary Silkscreen Print

portraits of women tee design and print

Working with Members of the Yishun Floral RC

On 18th September 2020, we collaborated with the Woman’s community in Nee Soon Link to provide them with their own unique customised T-shirts for an early Mid-Autumn Festival event with their residents.

Packing of Mooncakes and Lanterns before distributing to the residents.

On top of that, we had arranged volunteer to assist in the event as an extra pair of helping hands. It has been a meaningful event for us – we were able to engage the older generations in Singapore to listen and share their experiences. To top it off, it is even more heartwarming to see our Advisor – Mr. Derrick Goh going door to door to distribute the Mid-Autumn goodie bags and reconnecting with the citizens. It was an immerse sense of fulfilment and satisfaction for us to know a community exists that reaches out to the minority that the society has overlooked and that there are people who are willing to take out a few hours of their time to serve in community services.

After a night of goodie bag distribution

For the Team in Iconique, we are a willing batch of young people whom not only involves in the printing of T-shirts, but also in meaningful events as such. We can make the world a better place to be in!

The Smart Local (TSL) Feature!

We’re humbled to say that we are featured on one of the top Singapore journalism pageThe Smart Local!

This recognition means a lot to us as humble start-ups in Singapore. We will continue to provide our professional services to anyone whom needs it – Locally and perhaps internationally. This post would not be possible without the support and trust that our existing clients had built in us, giving us feedbacks on improvements in areas that we are lacking.

Excitement or disappointment – we have plenty of the former and a few of the latter. We acknowledge that there are events where our clients were not happy with us. We make mistakes too. Only in every mistake, we know how we could perform better the next time, right?

Moving forward,

In the next few months to come, we will be working on more design templates and colours of apparels. Our Pastel Colour T-shirt was well received by the school students. Not only so, but we will also be looking at narrowing down our production timeline – which means a shorter waiting time for your custom made products to reach your hands.

Last but not least, we would like to reach our hands out to thank those that has been always on our side!

Pastel Coloured Face Mask

Introducing our exclusive Pastel Coloured Face Mask in Singapore.

Introducing our unique-coloured Face Mask! Face Mask has been part of a fashion statement ever since the infiltration of COVID-19 in Singapore. Our face masks features a 2-layer quick-dry material that provides enhanced production while looking in-style.

In addition, the face masks are equipped with adjustable ear loops to suit different face circumference from ear-to-ear. We understand the frustration of wearing a mask that is too tight/loosely fitted – especially so when we are required to put it on the entire day when we step out outdoors.

There are limited quantities available for our Pastel-Coloured Face mask. Each mask requires to be hand sewn, hence we are unable to produce in large quantities. You may purchase our exclusive pastel coloured face mask here. More photos of the actual mask will be uploaded on this page next week.

Stay tuned and stay safe!

Graphtec CE7000-60

In the midst of the ongoing COVID-19 Circuit Breaker in Singapore, we have taken a step back to review our machinery set-ups, with the intention of delivering better quality prints, in a shorter time to our consumers.

Introducing our latest addition to our machineries – the Graphtec CE7000-60, Made in Japan.

The new Graphtec CE7000 series cutting plotter builds on Graphtec’s industry-leading reputation for quality, precision, and value. Although it might seem that this is not the best time for machinery upgrades – as most businesses are trying their best to stay afloat, we thought to use this opportunity to stay ahead of the industry by acquiring the state-of-the-art technology.

In Iconique, we pledge to keep ourselves updated to the latest news and technology, and to deliver the perks and excitement to our clients. Do not just believe what we say, you can check out our Google Reviews Page to authenticate.