The Smart Local (TSL) Feature!

We’re humbled to say that we are featured on one of the top Singapore journalism pageThe Smart Local!

This recognition means a lot to us as humble start-ups in Singapore. We will continue to provide our professional services to anyone whom needs it – Locally and perhaps internationally. This post would not be possible without the support and trust that our existing clients had built in us, giving us feedbacks on improvements in areas that we are lacking.

Excitement or disappointment – we have plenty of the former and a few of the latter. We acknowledge that there are events where our clients were not happy with us. We make mistakes too. Only in every mistake, we know how we could perform better the next time, right?

Moving forward,

In the next few months to come, we will be working on more design templates and colours of apparels. Our Pastel Colour T-shirt was well received by the school students. Not only so, but we will also be looking at narrowing down our production timeline – which means a shorter waiting time for your custom made products to reach your hands.

Last but not least, we would like to reach our hands out to thank those that has been always on our side!

Pastel Coloured Face Mask

Introducing our exclusive Pastel Coloured Face Mask in Singapore.

Introducing our unique-coloured Face Mask! Face Mask has been part of a fashion statement ever since the infiltration of COVID-19 in Singapore. Our face masks features a 2-layer quick-dry material that provides enhanced production while looking in-style.

In addition, the face masks are equipped with adjustable ear loops to suit different face circumference from ear-to-ear. We understand the frustration of wearing a mask that is too tight/loosely fitted – especially so when we are required to put it on the entire day when we step out outdoors.

There are limited quantities available for our Pastel-Coloured Face mask. Each mask requires to be hand sewn, hence we are unable to produce in large quantities. You may purchase our exclusive pastel coloured face mask here. More photos of the actual mask will be uploaded on this page next week.

Stay tuned and stay safe!