portraits of women tee design and print

Working with Members of the Yishun Floral RC

On 18th September 2020, we collaborated with the Woman’s community in Nee Soon Link to provide them with their own unique customised T-shirts for an early Mid-Autumn Festival event with their residents.

Packing of Mooncakes and Lanterns before distributing to the residents.

On top of that, we had arranged volunteer to assist in the event as an extra pair of helping hands. It has been a meaningful event for us – we were able to engage the older generations in Singapore to listen and share their experiences. To top it off, it is even more heartwarming to see our Advisor – Mr. Derrick Goh going door to door to distribute the Mid-Autumn goodie bags and reconnecting with the citizens. It was an immerse sense of fulfilment and satisfaction for us to know a community exists that reaches out to the minority that the society has overlooked and that there are people who are willing to take out a few hours of their time to serve in community services.

After a night of goodie bag distribution

For the Team in Iconique, we are a willing batch of young people whom not only involves in the printing of T-shirts, but also in meaningful events as such. We can make the world a better place to be in!