2XU Compression Run Singapore 2023

We’re deeply honoured to have received an invitation from 2XU Compression Run Singapore to participate in a nationwide marathon event this year.

In addition to the significant name labels we’ll be adding to the runners’ finisher T-shirts on the event day, we’ve also expanded our offerings to include medal engraving, allowing the runners the opportunity to inscribe heartfelt messages on their 2XU Finisher Medals.

We’re all too familiar with this fact: completing a half marathon, which typically takes around 2 hours on average, truly tests an individual’s physical and mental fortitude. Throughout the countless hours of training, there’s undoubtedly a personal mission or cause that drives each person forward.

We believed that engraving that mental affirmation or cause onto the medal would add a profound layer of significance, rendering each medal a distinct and personalized symbol of accomplishment.

Here’s some candid photos on the event day!