Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2023

What could enhance the excitement during the race? Our exceptional Name Printing service on the runners’ event singlets, of course!

The turnout at the Race Pack Collection exceeded our expectations! It was truly enjoyable for us to engage with both experienced and first-time event participants. Some even opted for texts on their singlets that contradicted the event theme!

It was a huge turnout at our booth for customized name printing for all 3 days!

Meet Jeff, an Ultra-Marathoner but printed “RUNNING SUCKS” on the back of his singlet. Hahaha.

Look at our Reflective Prints! Photo taken with the flashlight function set to “On” on the phone, resembling incoming vehicle’s headlight shone onto our back when we’re running :)

Extremely helpful for runners who run at night! We need visibility on the road when we’re running in the dark. Reflective prints are the top choice amongst the runners! Not only it gives an added identity, it has also safety features too.

Here’s some of the photos we manage to take despite being busy! We’re hope all the runners enjoyed chitchatting with us while waiting for their shirts to be printed! We will see you all of you guys around during 2XU Compression Run in 2024 😉