We Are Young Entrepreneurs

We started from a home-based business in 2015 and till date, we developed our own production plant located at 85 Genting Lane, in Singapore. We oversee our own production process to ensure quality finishes in our work. On the same note, setting up our own production line also shortens our turnaround time. We are usually able to deliver a batch of 30~50 apparels within 3-5 days, compared to the market norm of 2 weeks.

We treat our clients with a genuine heart. Often, we will offer printing or design related advices to our clients who needs it. We take pride in providing good services to those who engage us, by promptly replying to their messages and enquiries. The one thing that we can’t lie about is the reviews that we have on google – they are from individuals, be it corporate or student entity, whom has engaged our services.

In the early 2020 year, we conducted workshops for students to come into our office to learn how to print their own class tee. What we’re trying to do is to offer an enhanced experience for students when they engage us to print their class tee. In the workshop, we educate the students on the different printing processes, and allowed them to attempt silkscreen print on their class-tee.

Truth be told, we have a lot of fun.

class tee printing and design NTU silkscreen class tee printing

We Understand You

class tshirt printing design in Singapore. pokemon class t-shirt design

We are consumers too.

We understand the disappointment that comes from a t-shirt with prints peeling, especially if it has a significance; A really bonded class, a meaningful event that you were proud of being part of, or a group of like-minded individuals.

We understand you.

We know the hassles and tiresome processes of getting a customized T-shirt printed – from going to a T-shirt Printing shop discuss your ideas, designing, quotation, sizing, production, before the lead up to the delivery.

In Iconique, we came up with a more efficient and convenient solution to bypass all these undue hassles. Now, whether you are lying on your bed or chilling out with your classmates in Starbucks, you can design and customize your own very own T-shirt however you want until everyone agrees to it!

We have conducted extensive research on printing quality and t-shirt materials, and we strive to deliver the best of both aspects to our customers. We take pride in providing T-shirts with designs that will never go out of trend and a reliable printing service that you will always remember.

** Photo taken on August 2020 by students of Gan Eng Seng Secondary School, Printed by us.