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Truths about T-shirt dropshipping that they wont tell you.

Sorry, we are about to burst your bubble. “Make Money from Drop Shipping, it has never been easier.” “How to make money $10,000 FAST by starting your T-shirt dropshipping business. No inventory, no start up cost.” “Top XX Print On Demand Companies to start your business.” We ourselves have seen the media bombarding such informations […]

Top 4 T-Shirt Printing Mistakes To Avoid | What You Can Do Differently

01. Complicated Designs With too many incorporation of designs and content, in contrary to making your t-shirt stand out, it will end up looking messy.  Remember: Busy design = messy lookingSimple design = brings out the right focus and makes it easier for others to process your design 02. Poor File Quality – Bad image quality– […]

We have achieved our 100th 5-Star Review!

As what the title says, we have achieved our 100th 5-star review today. From the bottom of all our hearts, we thank everyone whom has engaged our service and decided to leave us a pleasant review as a form of recognition for the hard work that we have put into our work. Imagine you’re gulping […]

Why are some T-shirts more expensive than others? (Part 2)

We have received good viewership for the first article on this topic ” Why are some T-shirts more expensive than others (Part 1)” Today we are going to dive in deeper to talk about this. Our main objective of the write-up is to increase your knowledge and preferably make the best decision that suit your […]

Working with Members of the Yishun Floral RC

On 18th September 2020, we collaborated with the Woman’s community in Nee Soon Link to provide them with their own unique customised T-shirts for an early Mid-Autumn Festival event with their residents. On top of that, we had arranged volunteer to assist in the event as an extra pair of helping hands. It has been […]

The Smart Local (TSL) Feature!

We’re humbled to say that we are featured on one of the top Singapore journalism page – The Smart Local! This recognition means a lot to us as humble start-ups in Singapore. We will continue to provide our professional services to anyone whom needs it – Locally and perhaps internationally. This post would not be […]

Pastel Coloured Face Mask

Introducing our unique-coloured Face Mask! Face Mask has been part of a fashion statement ever since the infiltration of COVID-19 in Singapore. Our face masks features a 2-layer quick-dry material that provides enhanced production while looking in-style. In addition, the face masks are equipped with adjustable ear loops to suit different face circumference from ear-to-ear. […]

Graphtec CE7000-60

In the midst of the ongoing COVID-19 Circuit Breaker in Singapore, we have taken a step back to review our machinery set-ups, with the intention of delivering better quality prints, in a shorter time to our consumers. Introducing our latest addition to our machineries – the Graphtec CE7000-60, Made in Japan. The new Graphtec CE7000 […]

Why are some T-shirts more expensive than others?

Have you been in a scenario where you and your friends from a different class paid a different amount for your club/class tees and wondered why? In this article, we are going to list out a few reasons why are some T-shirts more costly than the others. Material & Quality For a fair comparison, we […]