Class Tee Designing & Printing In Singapore | Complete Guide started out as a small t-shirt printing company in Singapore, where we started class t-shirt printing in-house. Shortly in 2015, we invested in our own production planted located at 85 Genting Lane, in Singapore. The main reason why our class tee printing was so popular is because of two main factors namely: our printing quality and fast turnaround production time. Moving forward, we’ve invested in our people and more advanced technology to ensure that quality continues to exceed our customers’ expectations and our project managers are more than equipped to ensure that quality is maintained.

In early 2020, we started to conduct class tee printing workshops for students. Fuelled by our passion for class tee design and printing, we wanted to spread this passion to students all over Singapore. Moving forward, many of our students have experienced what are the different printing processes and even had a go on silkscreen printing for their own class tee. It was indeed a really fun experience.

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class tees sample 2
class tees faded t-shirt blue dye faded

Factors to Consider Before Designing Your Class Tee Printing

  • Quantity (affects final price)

Higher quantity -> cheaper cost per t-shirt

The top misconception is that if you print a total of 20 t-shirts, the price will always be the same, regardless of the design. However, if one chooses to print 10 t-shirts with one type of design, and another 10 t-shirts with another type of design, there will be 2 separate quotation given to you, because there are certain design factors that will affect the price of the product.

  • Material (affects final price)

Dri-fit: comfortable for sports, because it is able to wick moisture, and drys quicker than other types of t-shirt material
Wicking = being able to move moisture away from one’s skin; transferring sweat to the fabric’s top layer, and drying quickly

Cotton: (most popular option) its natural fiber allows for its soft touch and light weight characteristics. Great for casual and everyday wear. On the other hand, it is highly absorbent and does not allow moisture to evaporate quickly

Long-sleeve: Great for tackling a cold weather. However, this is the least popular option in Singapore

Oversized T-shirts: trendy and has a unique cut. It helps to create the illusion that one has a wider body. It is often favoured among the guys

Polyester: polyester is stronger than cotton and able to stretch better, however it has a low level of wicking; which means that it does not dry quickly, repels water, and does not breathe well

Blended: shirts made from cotton and polyester blend are really great as they help to get both of its benefits with little compromise

  • Design Factors (colours) (affects final price)

More colours incorporated -> more costly

For a class of 40 or less, we would normally recommend keeping your design to 3 colours or less.

  • Location of print (1-sided or 2-sided) (affects final price)

2-sided printing -> more costly

There are only 2 options: namely 1-sided printing or 2-sided printing. Students would normally prefer 2-sided printing especially when there is the customisation of names involved. If you would like to save on the cost, then you can opt for the 1-sided printing.

  • T-shirt provider

The T-shirt provider that you choose can possibly affect your overall pricing. T-shirt providers that outsource their work or do not have high economies of scale would most of the time charge a higher price. On the flip side, t-shirt providers that have proper processes in place are able to charge a cheaper rate while maintaining quality.

The Different Products Available

  1. T-Shirts
  2. Polo Tees
  3. Varsity Jackets
  4. Hoodies
  5. Oversized Tees (rare)
  6. Long sleeve shirts
  7. Sports windbreaker

Why You Should Consider Iconique To Design Your Class Tee

  • Track-record – our reviews
  • We cater to a wide range of needs
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Government registered vendor
  • In-house project managers (where quality is ensured)
  • Our guarantee