For the first time, we are opening up an opportunity for you, as secondary school students, to have your hands on your very own class tee!

In this workshop, you will experience the printing process of your own class tee! Of course with that being said, you have to purchase your class tee from us, then you can print it by yourself!

To participate in the fun of making your own class tee, Simply

        • 1. Send in your class tee designs to 97566344

      Whatsapp Link

        • 2. Let us know you would like to DIY your own class tee


        • 3. We will let you know the price of your class tee


      • 4. If confirmed, we will set an appointment on the date and time with you!

Things to note:

      • To confirm the appointment, a minimum deposit of $50.00 must be made, it will be offset from the total price of the class tee.

Example: A student ordered 30 class tee at $15.00 dollars each (Total amount: $450.00). Upon making the $50.00 deposit, the student will only need to pay a balance of $400.00 after completing their class tee.

      • At the end of the DIY Class Tee campaign, the class tee will be completed and the student will be able to bring it back. (Don’t worry it’s not very heavy)


      • All appointment are subject to availability.