I am so grateful and contented with Iconique for their efficient and professional work in getting the class tshirts to be ready in less than a week! They are prompt in their replies and their quality of work is impressive ! Highly recommended!

Liz Jam Avatar Liz Jam
October 31, 2023

It was a very pleasant experience working with ICONIQUE. They have an extremely wide variety of colour options and very responsive too!

Vincent Avatar Vincent
October 31, 2023

this was my first time handling such an important class item which was my class windbreakers! the ICONIQUE staff were so cooperative and efficient with their printing and i’m very glad that i got to work together with them for my class jackets! the prices of the jackets were affordable and my classmates liked the windbreakers very much when i distributed them! the staff member whom i spoke to throughout the entire process was extremely helpful and sweet to me! they answered my inquiries very efficiently which i appreciate, so thank you to the staff member that worked with me! however, i personally feel that an area of improvement would be in terms giving quick updates regarding the delivery! but overall, thank you so much ICONIQUE for the amazing work and i would love work with them again when i get the chance!

nadya emile Avatar nadya emile
October 10, 2023

Seller was responsive and pricing is quite competitive. Sent design on 4 Sept and the tees were delivered to the school on 13 Sept. Happy with the prompt print and delivery. However, I think there are some areas for improvement. Firstly, there was no sample tee to show and check before mass print so when I got the photos of the tees, all tees were printed and ready for delivery. Secondly, the design on the back is quite pixelated and it does not show in the photo sent by vendor because the tees are piled up and there was no close up photo. When I sent the design, vendor did not let me know if the resolution of image file is good enough. Also, quality of dri-fit is not good as the seatings had a quite some small balls of strings sticking out and some tees have printing smudge or strings pressed under the ink. Lastly, 2 tees were printed wrongly because students share the same name but different index number and instructions from vendor was to mail back to them and new tees will be mailed to the school. I don’t understand why I have to pay for mailing when it is not my fault. Considering the price, I think the tees received are acceptable but I will try other company when I am printing tees next time.

Tan Yen Lin Avatar Tan Yen Lin
October 7, 2023

person was very kind and patient with my requests. even when i missed out on one jacket, he agreed to send me the extra jacket without incurring any extra costs. highly recommended

calesta chan Avatar calesta chan
September 7, 2023

supplier was really friendly and understanding ! the shirts came out exactly how we expected it and the fonts + printing is all very clear ! not the kind to peel off as well !! processing was really fast and efficient :) one of the best vendors in the market ❤️

Vaithyshwary Suresh Avatar Vaithyshwary Suresh
September 7, 2023

vendor was very friendly and understanding, and even offered to help create the design when we had trouble coming up with one for the shirt. 10/10 service :)) and the products came out exactly the way we wanted, my cca loves the material!

tas Avatar tas
May 7, 2023

As a student who has never had experience with handling the class tee or working with vendors before, working with Iconique was the best first experience I could have asked for! They were extremely friendly and understanding, and they always answered to any questions I had carefully. I also think that Iconique is great because they have a wide variety most other T-shirt vendors don't provide (like custom colours for shirts, which my class really wanted badly) and are very flexible if you want a variety of colours for your shirts, or if you want some to be cotton and some to be DriFit. Furthermore, when the admin work was completed, they made the shirts efficiently and also offered free delivering for it to our school, which we received within two days as well! The quality of the shirts are fantastic as they aren't thick (for the DriFit) and are good for school activities. Overall, I would recommend anyone to work with Iconique, and I would love to work with them again! V6 thanks you for our shirts, we love them!! - Sharmaine

Sapphire Avatar Sapphire
April 7, 2023

I was looking for suppliers for my class T-shirt, and stumbled upon ICONIQUE by recommendation. The staff are very cooperative and the shirts were of very high quality! They were able to accommodate the more intricate design that our class wanted. Would recommend!

Klement Chua Avatar Klement Chua
November 7, 2022

ICONIQUE Apparels did an amazing job on our CCA’s windbreakers! This was actually our second time working with them so we had no doubts that they’ll do an incredible job on our jackets. They were super friendly and diligent in replying to any queries we had about the process. The pricing was very reasonable considering the fact that this time around, we gave them a pretty complicated design to be incorporated on the back of our windbreakers which by the way, they did an unbelievable job on—it looks exactly like the one we sent! We are really happy with how the jackets turned out and if we were to make another one, we will definitely want to work with ICONIQUE Apparels again!

Angelo Sotto Avatar Angelo Sotto
November 7, 2020