Why are some T-shirts more expensive than others? (Part 2)

We have received good viewership for the first article on this topic ” Why are some T-shirts more expensive than others (Part 1)

Today we are going to dive in deeper to talk about this. Our main objective of the write-up is to increase your knowledge and preferably make the best decision that suit your requirements – juggling a balance between cost-effectiveness and reliability.

Quality of Print

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More visible in darker coloured T-shirts – A print will appear to be more vibrant if being Silkscreen Printed twice, instead of just one layer. As you can see from the photo, just one layer of white print is not sufficient for coverage of the T-shirt’s base colour. In design language, we call it opacity; Dark coloured T-shirts that has only a single layer of print would appear to have its print adjusted to 70%. This procedure of printing in 2 layers is often compromised. The reason is because a lot of apparel printing vendors in Singapore they do not have their own production space. They simply get someone else to do it and hand over the goods to you. 

Location of Manufacture. 

This is a rather straightforward point. Due to the scarcity of land space and difference in workforce labour, it will be certainly more affordable to have your T-shirts / apparels printed in China. But the shortcoming? — You have to accept the goods that is delivered to you even if it is poorly done, and theres no room for Returns / Compensation / Complain. Or maybe during your next flight to China you can carry the T-shirts back to the supplier with you.

Turnaround Time

One would often see this word appearing on different vendor’s website. “Turnaround Time” basically means how much time does the vendor require to complete your job after you have made the necessary payments. Vendors whom do not do the printing by themselves would usually take about 2weeks – 4 weeks, compared to local manufacturers; if they were to acquire your orders, they usually can complete within 3-5 days during a non-peak period. 


What is your risks appetite like? Would you attempt to save cost by importing your shirts without quality checks – or have your apparels handled by vendors who do not have their own production ground where they simply act as a middleman and cant provide any defects handling?

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Silkscreen Printing Mustard and White on Navy

Raffles Girls Secondary Silkscreen Print