In this article, we are going to explain why on some of the prints on the T-shirt will deteriorate over time.

Printing “Peeling off” 

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This is an especially frequent occurrence to any form of customization of names and numbers on Class T-shirts. The names and numbers are trimmed by a cutter from vinyl and applied onto the shirt through heat. Over a certain duration, usually after 70 washes and above, it might show signs of peeling.

Nonetheless, as are varying standards of vinyl that is produced by vendors, some could last longer and some, much lesser than 70 washes before it starts to peel off.

So what can you do on your end to prevent it from happening? Here are 2 tips that we can offer to prolong the beauty of customised T-shirt.

  1. Never, ever, ever, try to iron the names and numbers when it’s crumpled.

As the names and numbers are adhered to the shirt via a special glue on the vinyl, applying heat onto them will soften the glue, making the vinyl lose its adhesiveness and come out of the shirt

      2. Handwash your customized T-shirts or put them in the washing machine, inside out.

Washing your T-shirts inside out will prevent the printing from coming into direct abrasion with other clothing in the washing machine. As such, what is on the T-shirt will stay longer without peeling/cracking.

Printing showing signs of “Crack” 

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This problem can happen to any part of the shirt that is printed. It is due to an attempt to save cost by some vendors by compromising on the grade of the ink used in the printing process. Cracking of the ink is due to its inability to handling stretch. Inks of higher grades contain a compound that allows stretch, but they are more costly to produce.

Even with that being said, improper washing techniques also result in such deterioration. Putting your T-shirt into the washing machine – inside-out, certainly helps in increasing the longevity of the apparel.

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